Participant Directions

Ready to Get Started?

  • Set your own goal, then read or listen to any books that interest you and are appropriate for your reading level — items from the library or your own books.
  • Scratch off a circle, in order left to right, each time you read toward your goal. If your goal is to read for 25 days, you should read for at least 30 minutes per day.
  • For each five books/days/hours you complete, you’ll earn a prize. When you meet your goal, you’ll receive a completion prize.
  • The first day to pick up prizes is June 7A Universe of Stories ends August 18; no prizes will be handed out after August 18. Prizes are available while supplies last.
  • CHILDREN & TEENS: Return your  completed reading card to the 2nd floor Prize Tent. (Parents and caregivers may also return cards here.)
  • ADULTS: Return your completed reading card to the 3rd floor Ask Here desk.
  • BURNS, PINE BLUFFS AND ON THE BOOKMOBILE: Return your reading card to the service desk.
  • Keep reading after you meet your goal. Pick up a Shoot for the Stars bookmark and for each extra goal of 25 you reach, Cheyenne Rotary After Hours will make a donation to Raising Readers in Wyoming